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"There is no greater satisfaction than working together with the team towards empowering the vulnerable to find purpose for an abundant life."

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19名前囚犯完成电脑课 约半数人获加薪

本地19名前囚犯完成为期五个月的电脑培训课程,当中九人获得加薪,原本待业的三人也因此找到工作。 由HCSA高峰社会服务协会和网络安全保护公司Acronis携手开办的微软Office等课程,通过黄丝带计划,让前囚犯学习资讯和通信技能,提高就业竞争力,协助他们重新融入社会。 — Read full online article by 8world here.

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What is a day in the life of an administrator at HCSA Academy Culinary Training Centre like? Does it only involve admin work? 🤔

For Norie, the full scope of her work goes far beyond the confines of her job title! Participating in student recruitment initiatives, overseeing student admission, managing student affairs and processing grants, scholarships and donations are just a few of the many things she does. It is no wonder that her day is usually jam-packed. 😮‍💨

Despite the seemingly mundane things, it is evident that Norie puts her heart into everything she does. 🫶🏼 Committed to guiding every trainee she meets, she not only constantly checks in with them, but also facilitates their job placements and continues to support them even after graduation. 🧑🏽‍🍳

Want to know more about her day? Check out this video! 🥰

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Complex trauma is no trivial matter.

One of the things it stems from is child abuse. In fact, it can be so traumatic that it negatively affects the development of the a person’s brain, nervous system and even immune system. What’s more, child abuse victims are also more susceptible to substance abuse and other kinds of risky behaviour.

In other words, child abuse isn’t just a one-off bad experience. It has the potential to ruin a life before it can even flourish.

Our job here at the HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre is not about performing “cosmetic surgery” to erase the scars left behind by abuse. We’re here to ensure that the at-risk girls under our care embrace this scar and become better, stronger beings as a result of it.

Does this cause resonate with you? Help us help these girls forge a bright future by
donating to HCSA’s Wall of Giving. Link at our profile bio👆

#HCSAWallofgiving #ChrismaswithHCSA #HCSAcommunityservices #cityofgood #socialservice #christmas

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Every child deserves a happy childhood, and it pains our heart that not every child gets one.

But bad beginnings don’t have to result in bad endings.

At HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre (DRTC), girls under our care have suffered complex trauma arising from physical, sexual or emotional abuse and/or neglect. We are dedicated to helping them manage their trauma, slowly heal, and become a more resilient girl who’s ready to take on the world.

With your generous contribution, together, we can empower and transform the lives of more abused teenage girls. Donate to our Wall of Giving at:

#HCSAWallofGiving #ChrismaswithHCSA #HCSAcommunityservices #cityofgood #socialservice #christmas

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Sharing with you the wonders of HCSA Wall Of Giving this year, our CEO Mrs Kim Lang Khalil, talks about what it means to empower women, and how we provide programmes and services to help women in need.

Watch the full video and help us by donating to the Wall of Giving 2023 via the link: and join us as we appreciate and empower women all around us!

#HCSAWallofgiving #ChrismaswithHCSA #HCSAcommunityservices #cityofgood #socialservice #christmas

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The year-end festive season is one that sees many of us share good food and laughs with our loved ones. But for individuals like single parents and teenage girls who have experienced trauma and abuse, this occasion can sometimes be a reminder of what they lack - a wholesome family that offers them unconditional love and support.

This is why our Wall of Giving 2023 is dedicated to showing these two groups of people some love. Just like last year, we are hoping to raise $180,000, all of which will go towards two of our programmes. ✨✨

The first is HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre (DRTC), which offers a caring, safe and therapeutic environment to help teenage girls who have suffered the complex trauma of physical, sexual or emotional abuse and/or neglect. The second is HCSA Dayspring SPIN (Single Parents INformed, INvolved, INcluded), which serves single parents and lone caregivers who lack, or have limited emotional, physical or practical support.

Let’s band together and be the family these individuals need. ❤️

Donate at the Wall of Giving to help us empower these women today. Link at our profile bio👆

#HCSAWallofgiving #ChrismaswithHCSA #HCSAcommunityservices #cityofgood #socialservice #christmas

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HCSA wishes all our friends a blessed Deepavali! ✨💛 May you be surrounded with light, peace and joy.

Deepavali (known as the “Festival of Lights”) symbolises the triumph of light over darkness, and good over evil. On this joyous occasion, families create colourful rangoli patterns together and light up Diya lamps and fireworks to celebrate. 🎆 It`s a time for families and friends to unite, relishing feasts and exchanging gifts! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

But Deepavali means more than celebration - it’s also a time when families give back to the community by spreading the gift of light to those in need. In a similar spirit, you can help us light up the lives of our beneficiary families in need. Together, we can make a difference! 🕯 Link in bio.

#hcsacommunityservices #happydeepavali #deepavali2023 #diwali #festivaloflights

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made the recent HCSA Dayspring Gala Dinner held in September a memorable night! 🌝✨

We are encouraged to see our donors, partners, Board members, and staff coming together to ‘FUN’draise in support of our cause. 🤩 But our journey does not end here! With your continued support, we can forge ahead to ensure more vulnerable teenage girls receive the life-saving treatment and assistance they need to thrive, with the expansion of HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre. Stay tuned for more details.

Missed joining us? Here’s a recap of what went down at the fundraising gala dinner themed ‘Fly into the Dayspring Zone’ as we take flight to the next level of our journey! 🛩️ Full video in bio.


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Happy International Volunteer Managers Day! 🥳🌟

Volunteers are the key lifelines to supporting our essential programmes and services at HCSA Community Services – and so are our Volunteer Managers working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Beyond simply recruiting volunteers, they play a pivotal role in promoting volunteerism, coordinating impactful volunteer initiatives, and spearheading efforts to harness the strengths of every volunteer to maximise the positive impact on the vulnerable community we serve. 🤩

Here is a special shout out to Jun Jie, Robelle, and Samuel (bottom row, from left to right), our heart-working Volunteer Management Team Leads for our respective programmes at HCSA, who are making a difference in community by empowering our network of volunteers!

THANK YOU for what you do, every day! ❤️

#CommunityHeroes #IVMD2023 #VolunteerManagersDay #SGCares

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