About Us

HCSA Community Services is a charitable organisation with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status and a member of the National Council of Social Service. HCSA operates with a team of dedicated staff, volunteer teams, corporate and community partners, as we continue to serve the vulnerable in society, to give them a future and a hope. Our mission is to empower these vulnerable populations through our four signature programmes:

We provide a safe and substance-free residential shelter at HCSA Highpoint for homeless male ex-offenders and those in recovery from addiction

We offer a caring, safe and therapeutic environment at HCSA Dayspring to help teenage girls who have suffered the complex trauma of emotional, physical or sexual abuse

We support caregiving and improve the quality of life at HCSA SPIN for single parents and lone caregivers who lack or have limited emotional, physical or practical support

We equip vulnerable individuals at HCSA Academy with professional skills to secure stable employment in the F&B industry, giving them a new lease of life to support themselves and their families

HCSA Community Services (“HCSA”) traces our beginnings to 1996, when an informal support group for recovering drug addicts led to the launch of Highpoint Halfway House. HCSA was then registered as a society on 12 March 1997, and registered as a charity under the Charities Act (Chapter 37) on 6 February 1998. HCSA has been accorded IPC (Institution of a Public Character) status since 1 October 2021. HCSA’s governing instrument is our Constitution.

Constitution Objects

Our objects are to initiate, assist and organise activities and schemes of social service for the alleviation of poverty, suffering and handicap whether by physical or mental, regardless of age, sex, race, nationality or religion, by the provision of assistance, the creation of a safe and healing living environment or services in education, rehabilitation, counselling, skills training and livelihood to address life or family related issues.


To Give a Future and a Hope


Empowering the vulnerable to find purpose for a more abundant life

Values (ETHICS)

Excellence – We embrace challenges and give our best effort in whatever we do

Teamwork – We support each other and work together to achieve great things

Honour – We respect one another as individuals and value the capabilities and contributions of each person

Integrity – We are honest and truthful even when it is inconvenient, costly or painful

Compassion – We listen deeply to understand, feel and identify with the needs of others

Servanthood – We serve others with love and selflessness



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