Care Approach

Climate change. Artificial intelligence. Geopolitical competition. New challenges and uncertainties have risen or gathered pace since the global pandemic. Closer to home, slowing social mobility and rising inequality exert pressure on our society. As we adapt to new normals, some families and individuals may struggle more and be in danger of being left behind.

HCSA Community Services cares for distressed people in need, helping them build resilience to bounce back from shocks. We are a proactive stakeholder in Singapore’s social compact, with shared values and responsibilities toward common aspirations for Singapore. Through our four signature programmes designed to help ex-offenders rebuild their lives, journey with trauma survivors, empower single-parent families and prepare workplace-ready professionals, HCSA strengthens Singapore’s social trampoline system.

Vulnerable groups in our society — who may be our friends, neighbours or family — may grapple with diminished opportunities to create a decent life for themselves and their families:

Ex-offenders may have lost their families and homes as they paid for their past mistakes, and need a second chance to stay crime-free and become productive members of society

Teenage girls who have survived the complex trauma from abuse and neglect may have severe and persistent difficulties managing their behavioural and emotional responses to trauma reminders

Single parents may have weathered through a family crisis or traumatic breakup, and struggle with the added strain of giving their children equal opportunities in Singapore’s shared future

Vocational workers with low education and employable skills have to contend with low incomes, limited career progression and ability to provide for their families. Their challenges are multiplied if they are ex-offenders

HCSA’s core approach to care across our signature programmes restores the meaning of home to our clients as a safe space they can return to every night, draw strength from their loved ones, and put food on the table as they sustain their quality of life. Our care approach also seeks to develop resilient family and community bonds, nurture lifelong learners through tuition for youths and skills training for adult learners, and help our clients achieve sustainable livelihoods, so that we can reverse the multigenerational cycle of social disadvantage through social levellers.



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