HCSA Highpoint

A support group for drug addicts in a three-room flat gave birth to a residential drug addiction recovery programme, with the launch of Highpoint Halfway House in 1996. Over the last two decades, Highpoint has expanded our services to provide a safe and substance-free shelter for homeless male ex-offenders to restart their lives and sustained social support to renew their purpose within the community. Highpoint is proud to support and oversee two ground-up initiatives by our alumni and their loved ones: AIMS, the alumni after-care group; and WISDOM, the pro-social support network by their significant others.

Partner Agencies

NCSS, SPS, YRSG, YRF, Tote Board

Year Started

1996 (as Highpoint Halfway House)

HCSA Highpoint Referral

To refer a potential resident to HCSA Highpoint

Desistance research takes success stories seriously. The research does not start with programmes and aggregated outcomes, but individual lives and personal trajectories. Recognising the individual as the agent of change, desistance research explores individuals’ social contexts, embedded social networks and subjective interpretations as keys to understanding long-term life change.

Residential Care

After being released from prison, our residents are often without a home to return to. They often present with zero income and minimal support from their family. Our residents’ immediate needs are thus to secure both gainful employment and long-term housing, so that they can achieve and sustain self-sufficiency after graduating from Highpoint’s transitional living programme.

Alumni After-Care

Second chances can strengthen our clients’ resolve to change, and Highpoint nurtures their renewed sense of belonging by opportunities to give back to the community. We also enable two major ground-up initiatives that sustains their re-integration journey: AIMS, where our alumni support and sustain one another; and WISDOM, a pro-social support network by their partners.



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