Dayspring Teen Wants to Give Back the Support She Once Received

Once a recipient of HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre, a Therapeutic Group Home for girls who have suffered the complex trauma of abuse and/or neglect, Rachel* hopes to eventually pay it forward one day.
After years of living in foster care‭, ‬Rachel‭* ‬had spiralled into depression and self-harm‭. Throughout her life‭, ‬Rachel struggled‭ ‬with feelings of worthlessness and kept a lot of negative emotions hidden away‭. ‬At 14‭, ‬she was brought to HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre (DRTC)‭.‬
Initially‭, ‬she was reluctant to share about her problems with her care team‭. ‬However‭, ‬with their patience and care‭, ‬Rachel eventually opened up‭. ‬“At first‭, ‬in HCSA DRTC‭, ‬I felt a lot of pressure‭. ‬But they slowly tried to understand me‭,‬”‭ ‬she revealed‭. ‬The two years she spent at HCSA DRTC gave her hope and helped her foster a more positive outlook in life‭. 

“Since being in HCSA DRTC‭, ‬my confidence has grown‭, ‬and I know what I want to do in life‭,‬”‭ ‬said Rachel‭. ‬She is currently pursuing a course in social work at the Institute of Technical Education and will be graduating soon‭. ‬In the future‭, ‬she hopes to give back to society and help others too‭, ‬especially those with special needs‭.‬

‭*‬Name has been changed to protect beneficiary’s identity‭. ‬



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