I Want to Help Single Mothers

Seeing a close friend go through a painful and difficult divorce inspired Miti Garg to become a Lead Ally Befriender and offer her time to help and support single parents.
I am an associate faculty member at educational institutes‭. ‬I have been volunteering with HCSA since 2019‭ ‬and am currently a lead volunteer with HCSA SPIN‭. ‬‬‬
I was inspired to volunteer with HCSA when I saw a close friend of mine go through a painful and difficult divorce‭. ‬Seeing how she struggled to manage her job alongside raising her children made me want to help other single mothers who were also going through the same thing‭.‬‬‬
A memorable volunteering experience thus far was when some of the HCSA SPIN members were game for an impromptu meet-up at West Mall‭. ‬It was lovely to spend time with the single parents and their children and getting to know one other.

Volunteering has made me realise that circumstances can change in any one’s life‭, ‬being there for each other is what makes life worth living for‭.‬‬‬



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