I Am Determined to Carve My Own Path to Success

She dropped out of school at 14, but is now a step closer to her dream of becoming a chef.
The constant struggle with school and being bullied affected Charis’‭ ‬confidence and eventually took a toll on her mental health‭, ‬confidence‭, ‬and self-esteem‭. ‬“When I dropped out of school‭, ‬my life seemed meaningless‭. ‬I didn’t have any dreams and had nowhere to go‭,‬”‭ ‬she said‭. ‬However‭, ‬fueled with the determination to carve her own path to success‭, ‬Charis decided to sign up for the WSQ Higher‭ ‬Certificate in Food Services‭ (‬Culinary Arts‭) ‬course by HCSA Academy after it was recommended by her secondary school counsellor‭.‬

"I may not be good at my studies, but that should not define me or my ability to succeed in life. I want to show others that there are other paths where I can still be successful in one day."


Charis completed the 6-week course successfully and attained the professional skill sets she needed to kickstart a career in this line‭. ‬With the continued support and guidance from the Academy team upon graduation‭, ‬she was also able to secure a suitable job that allowed her to pursue her passion‭.‬

She acknowledges‭ ‬“working in the kitchen may be challenging‭, ‬but if one has the passion for it‭, ‬one will enjoy the process‭. ‬Being taught by patient and knowledgeable chefs has slowly helped to build confidence in myself and my culinary skills‭.‬”

Charis’‭ ‬passion‭, ‬perseverance‭, ‬and discipline paid off‭. ‬She has blossomed into a competent team member at a local bakery and has been entrusted to guide new staff‭. ‬She is also currently pursuing a Diploma in Food Services‭ (‬Culinary Arts‭).‬



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