I Found Healing in Making Soaps

“As a single mom with anxiety and depression, starting my own soap business seemed like an impossible dream as I couldn’t afford the resources while supporting my young son.

The people around me were not hopeful of my soap-making venture either. But my social worker, Jeanne, saw my interest and arranged for me to attend workshops at Soap Ministry Pte Ltd. These workshops kept me going, growing and dreaming! Slowly, I started to grow in confidence as I had more opportunities to showcase my soap products.

I even won the approval and support of my parents over time. Not only did my relationship with my parents improve, my father even set up a simple workspace at home dedicated to my soap-making! This space became the place for me to explore, experiment and express myself – I found healing through the making of soaps.

I am most grateful to Jeanne for the opportunities and encouragement; and for SPIN’s support in my parenting journey. But more than anything, SPIN helped me in what became the turning point of my life – empowering me kickstart my soap business!

I’m excited about all the opportunities ahead of me and look forward to coming up with more unique designs that combine benefits and fragrances. My dream is to make grow my soap business into a successful one and eventually create something uniquely-me. Never give up on your dream, even if it seems impossible at first.”

Testimony by Jalyne, Member of HCSA Dayspring SPIN



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