This is What Love Means to Me

“We met two years ago when I performed the umrah (an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca). She was a guide at the travel agency I went with. During the trip, I had a slight fever and she was very concerned. But she’s always been responsible at heart – she even kept in touch with her groups after umrah.

She used to conduct courses on pilgrimages in the evenings. I’d pick her up and we’d go for dinner and talk about our future together. That was our version of dates. And I’m there for her when she needs me. Even when we were just friends, I’d offer to accompany her parents to their medical visits.

She says that I’m an easy-going guy, and that the past is the past. As husband and wife now, we have to care for each other and share things with each other. We don’t keep secrets. This is how we try to build a family.

I made a promise to my late mum that I would be a more responsible person. Back then, she asked, ‘What do you mean by that? You’ve been alone all this while.’ I told her that I wanted to settle down, and she questioned: ‘Are you sure you are capable of taking on that responsibility?’

So I found a girl of my dreams and proved to others, and myself, that I could lead a better life. And I made my mum proud. My family is my pillar – we performed umrah together in 2019. They got to know her better and encouraged me to settle down with her. I think it’s destiny.”

– Deen, HCSA Highpoint alumnus



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