Volunteering Allows Me to Contribute Meaningfully to Society

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, Ashima found herself reflecting on what she wanted to do more of what kept her happy. At present, Ashima is an active volunteer at HCSA to help support our vulnerable communities in Singapore.
“I am a storyteller and media consultant‭. ‬Through my business‭, ‬I work with people and companies to help tell their stories‭. ‬I also conduct trainings and workshops on ethical storytelling‭.‬
Before the pandemic‭, ‬I was an active volunteer for many different causes‭. ‬But when I started my own business‭, ‬I had to focus a lot of my time running it‭, ‬and volunteering took a back seat‭. ‬During the pandemic‭, ‬I had space to pause and think about what made‭ ‬me happy that I hadn’t been doing enough of‭, ‬and volunteering was on top of the list‭. ‬I came across HCSA when I googled for volunteer organisations‭; ‬the organisation’s mission resonated with me and was what motivated me to sign up‭.‬

I currently volunteer with HCSA at least twice a week‭, ‬with my primary focus on leading and tending HCSA’s food garden‭. ‬Aside from that‭, ‬I assist with administrative and operational tasks‭ – ‬from helping to run‭ ‬‘Get To Know You’‭ ‬orientation sessions for new volunteers‭, ‬to writing for HCSA’s newsletters‭. ‬

The orientation sessions have been the most memorable part of my volunteer journey with HCSA thus far‭. ‬I relish connecting‭ (‬albeit virtually‭) ‬with people from diverse backgrounds who share a common desire to give back to the community‭. ‬Working on HCSA’s food garden is also a joy as I love gardening‭. ‬

I enjoy volunteering with HCSA as it has given me opportunities to contribute my skills and knowledge for good causes in Singapore‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬in a small way‭, ‬at least‭!‬”‭ ‬



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