I Want to Challenge Stereotypes about Single Mothers

The strength and resilience of single parents like Hannah Kasture leave us in awe and admiration.
Hannah first connected with HCSA Dayspring SPIN (Single Parents INformed, INvolved, INcluded) in 2017.
She was assigned to a social worker and several befrienders, who supported her at different times, such as during the pandemic as she looked after her children and continued her job search. When schools implemented home-based learning (HBL), SPIN provided grocery support to the family, so Hannah could focus most of her energy on the HBL arrangement. 

Resolute in challenging the stereotypes about single mothers, Hannah desires to live her life with dignity and give her best to her children.

She has also become increasingly compelled to give back by helping other women facing similar situations.

Through the Social Service Institute, she signed up for an online course on befriending skills. She also completed a confidence curriculum course with local charity Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT), which assists low-income women.

Today, Hannah is a befriender in the HCSA SPIN network. Through DOT and HCSA Dayspring SPIN, she also offers support to two young women in her neighbourhood. In addition, she has started a fellowship with the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

“It has been a blessing to know the HCSA SPIN support network. It’s also a great way for single parents to build up peer support amongst each other.”



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