Driven by My Interests, I Decided to Give Back

With her keen interest in social issues, National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate, Aderyn Kang, has been volunteering with HCSA Highpoint Halfway House since December 2018.
I have been‭ ‬a volunteer with HCSA since December 2018‭. ‬I typically provide the Highpoint and Corporate Services teams with administrative or‭ ‬logistical support for events‭. ‬‮ ‬

I have a keen interest in social issues so in a way‭, ‬wanting to volunteer came quite naturally for me‭. ‬Volunteering with HCSA allowed me to better understand the complexities of these social issues and motivated me to contribute in whatever way I could‭. ‬It‭ ‬has also given me a connection to a great community‭. 
Volunteer assist ex-offender

I am particularly inspired by HCSA Highpoint’s alumni because most steadfastly continue to return for events and catch up with fellow former residents and the HCSA Highpoint‭ ‬team‭. ‬Witnessing this mutual appreciation and support is humbling and I’m glad to be part of it too‭.‬”



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