Give Hope Cookies Fundraiser

Check out HCSA’s very own cookies – Give Hope Cookies – produced in collaboration with YRI Bakery, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yellow Ribbon Singapore!
In the spirit of National Day, HCSA rolls out delectable treats inspired by two local flavours we absolutely love – Hae Bee Hiam and Teh Tarik! Available from 10 August onwards, every purchase of a bottle of cookies helps HCSA support vulnerable groups that we serve.

Yummy treats inspired by the local flavours we love!

Every purchase represents your support for our beneficiaries. Share a bottle of cookies with your loved ones while dough-nating to a meaningful cause.

Get 1 bottle of 300g at $24, and 2 bottles at $46. While stocks last!

These baked cookies are halal-certified.



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