Seizing the Opportunity

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking but as a single mother of 3, it was a challenge to afford such courses. So when I found out about the training subsidies available to me at HCSA Academy, I knew I had to seize this opportunity to finally pursue my interest.  With the subsidies, I could undergo the Academy’s professional culinary course with an ease of mind.

Looking back, it was truly a memorable experience to pick up all kinds of techniques, especially cooking with a big wok, being in the Academy’s big kitchen and using all their modern tools – something I never had the chance to experience before. Even my friends became more interested when they saw all my posts about this course on social media!

For me, the course was totally different from my job as a hairstylist. But I believe the knowledge and skills I have gained will help me a lot in the future should I pursue my dream of opening a small wedding catering business. I highly recommend this course to those looking to enter the F&B industry. The only advice would be not to give up, even if you get “scolded” by the chefs.

When I first joined, my goal was to simply improve my cooking and learn how to cook different dishes from various cuisines. But beyond that, this course also allowed me to get to know other trainees from all walks of life. Listening to them share about their pasts and experiences really made me realise the importance of not taking things for granted and encouraging one another not to give up.”

Testimony by Jamaliah, Graduate of HCSA Academy



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