A second chance to achieve my dreams

“Cooking was always a passion of mine. Unfortunately, my incarceration got in the way and I was unable to pursue it for some time. So, when my halfway house officer told me about HCSA Academy, I knew I had to sign up because it was a second chance for me to get back in the F&B industry and also learn more about different cuisines. After all, nothing beats the feeling of people enjoying the food I’ve cooked.

The course was very enjoyable, but I was most excited about learning the different ways of cooking. However, there were some days that were very tough, and I always had to tell myself to push on and not give up. I am glad I did that because looking back, the rewards gained from the course are worth every tough day.

I will always remember my graduation day with fondness because I received the “Most Outstanding Trainee” award and this made me believe that I am capable of achieving greater things in life, regardless of my background, as long as I put my heart and soul to doing the things I am passionate about

I am very thankful for this second chance at achieving my culinary dreams. This would not have been possible without the help of Ma’am Norie who helped me attain the Octava Foundation Scholarship as well as the chefs who never gave up on us and was ever willing to impart their knowledge.

Now, I have the stepping stone for a better future and I hope to one day own a successful diner serving food that will enlighten the souls of my customers.”

Testimony by Magendran, Graduate of HCSA Academy



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