Mother’s Day 2021: Single Mum Giving Back to HCSA Dayspring SPIN

With a network of befrienders (who may be single parents themselves) and volunteers, HCSA Dayspring SPIN is able to provide emotional and practical support to single parents.
HCSA Community Services - Mother's Day 2021

Jennifer RK is a HCSA Dayspring SPIN befriender who understands how it feels to be alone during your darkest times.

“SPIN helps single mums by being their rock. I didn’t have any support when I was 20 so I’m happy to give back.

My toughest struggle recently was when mum fell ill. She has been my solid ground through these years and my whole world was shaken when she was hospitalised for a month. Thankfully, she’s fine now!

Single parents need someone who can listen to them without any judgment and be there for them. I usually take them out for a meal. This helps me understand the single mum better and I can interact with her kids!”

Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer – and to all mums out there!

HCSA Community Services - Mother's Day 2021


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