It’s Not Easy, But I Will Try My Best

“My focus has always been on raising my kids – a set of triplets and two older kids. But with no support from their father, it was very difficult!

Having two young kids with special needs, I had to quit my job as a food stall helper to stay home and take care of the one who was unable to get into student care. Managing a big family like mine made it hard to find time to do anything else, much less go out to work.

As a mother, I have to monitor the different routines of my children, ensure that they eat well and check that they’ve done their homework. It’s also been a stressful time for me as my eldest son did his N Levels recently and my eldest daughter is waiting to apply for university. I’m worried about how much it’ll cost.

My work options are limited especially due to the lack of care-giving support I receive for my triplets, so I have been sourcing for home-based work that is tailored to my sewing skills. Despite my love for sewing, I haven’t found the time to do it because of my family commitments. But this year, I finally started sewing again thanks to SPIN who helped me get short-term sewing projects to earn some money from home.

SPIN linked me up with a social enterprise called E&S Blessing that guided me in starting a small home-based business to supplement my family’s income. I was the first on board their Celebrating Dreams mentoring initiative that aims to support single mothers, like myself, by providing us a platform to tap on our skills.

As going out to find a job is a big difficulty for me, opportunities like this have been so helpful because they enable me to earn some money while being assured that my children are well taken care off. I’m hoping to improve my sewing skills and will definitely go for classes if they’re available!

With SPIN’s assistance and support, I have been empowered to make small changes to improve my situation. It is not easy, but I will try my best because I like being a mom. On one part, it’s okay and fun. On the other, it is also very stressful. But when my children are happy and I see them happy, that’s when I’m happy – and that is what makes everything okay.”

Testimony by Kartigah, Member of HCSA Dayspring SPIN



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